Back in Business: Re-Opening During the Pandemic

Episode 2: Part 1 Scheduling

  • Important decisions
    • Hours of operation
    • Days of operation
    • Shifts per day of operation (factoring in social distancing)
      • Productivity based
      • Seniority based
      • Highest level
      • Random Draw
      • Client retention
      • Even split (X amount A shift/B shift per employee)
      • Rotation option
      • Option of keeping shifts together to avoid cross-contamination (if possible)
      • Remove furniture or post clear signage on unusable furniture in space
Stylist Scheduling:

Formerly: Tuesday-Saturday Average 9 hours per day total 45 hours per week

New Schedule: Monday-Sunday Average 12.5 hours per day total 87.5 hours per week

Each day would have 2 six hour shifts with a 30min break b/w shifts

Determine how many shifts need to be filled per day and per week:

Each Day Open – Number of shifts x Number of operational stations = total number of shifts needed to be covered

2 shifts x 5 operational stations = 10 shifts to be covered

Assistant/Front Desk Scheduling:
  • Determine how many assistant/front desk personnel you need per shift
  • Schedule each employee per shift in same manner as stylists