Always Be Recruiting

by | Jun 4, 2020

Imagine having a consistent pool of potential hires waiting to secure the job of their dreams with you! Think of your best and most ideal team member, now imagine having an entire team of people just like your ideal team member you thought of a moment ago! Sound too good to be true? Well, the odds are in your favor if you consistently make recruitment a top priority in your business. It no longer serves you, and frankly it never served you, to start the recruitment process when a position opens. If you wait until the position opens it is too late.

The truth is due to COVID19 some people in our industry will be displaced. Some salons will not re-open leaving service providers searching for a new business to call home. Some independent service providers may decide to become an employee while others will take this time to reflect on their current working environment and choose to find other businesses that more closely align with their ideal workplace.

There will be opportunities, will you be ready? We are all remarkably busy working on protocols and systems to get our businesses re-opened and yet we need to schedule, yes schedule, time throughout the week to work on recruitment.

What does working on recruitment look like? Well, here are a few ideas:

  • Start by enlisting your team, perhaps you make a recruitment team. Our teams want to help us, they just do not know how so it is up to us as leaders to ask for help.
  • Ask them to help you identify the characteristics of an amazing team member, another words what type of person do they want to call a co-worker.
  • Next ask for input on the actual interviewing and hiring process. What do they see as an effective interview process, how many interviews, what do the interviews consist of and what does the technical, if appropriate for the position, look like?
  • Determine who will do what, another words will you be solely responsible for all aspects of interviewing and hiring or is it possible to train some of the team to assist in the process?
  • Identify what and where you will advertise to attract your potential hires. Let’s face it, social media is a great resource for us to advertise. Stories and posted video’s get the most attention so why not make a video advertisement?
  • Develop and build your relationships with local schools. Approach this relationship with the mentality of what can I do to help the school. Remember in order to get you have to give. Every school director would be thrilled to have a salon and or spa come in and work with their students.
  • Plan on being a part of school hiring fairs. Who will go, what will your booth consist of and how will you obtain potential team member information? Give a way’s always work nicely! Candy attracts people to your booth and a give a way drawing promotes potential hires to come and fill out the entry form which gives you the opportunity to collect vital information. The give a way should be an awesome prize like a tool.
  • Implement a recruitment bonus structure for your existing team. A possible bonus structure might be: $100.00 after 90 days, $100.00 after 6 months and $100.00 on every yearly anniversary date. This is a very worthwhile investment for your business and your team would love and appreciate being rewarded for their efforts.
  • Plan on doing a DISC behavioral analysis to identify potential strengths and weaknesses of a potential candidate. Of course, you must check with your local governing agencies to ensure all legalities are abided by. DISC has saved us more times than not and has aided us in making great hiring choices as well.

Lastly, remember to do your due diligence and do not be in a rush to hire. In fact, if you are always recruiting and only hiring when the right person comes along you will set yourself and your team up for future success! You might be thinking what if the right person comes along and we do not have an opening, what do I do? You hire them! You never know what tomorrow will bring and if this person is a perfect fit, have faith it all will work out.


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