About Culture Curators

Culture Curators have over 40 years of combined business Leadership experience. Known as the, “Powerhouse Team” Jill and Derek bring with them a dynamic skill set with their innovative approach to serving business owners by developing customized systems to increase revenue while decreasing expenditures. They walk with you every step of the way while creating excitement and infusing energy into your business. Their proven tools work to give you more of what you want. Let them take you on your success journey. Culture Curators guarantees results! Are you ready to have the business you always wanted while enjoying the journey?

About Derek

Passionate speaker. Motivated salon owner. Platform artist. Business coach and mentor. This is the skill set that makes Derek Anthony an in-demand Mentor and Coach across the Nation.

Working on stages across America as a Platform and Business Educator, Derek inspires Salon owners to take their businesses and their passion to new heights. His gift for communication and leadership has uniquely tied him to those that have attended his classes or personally worked with him.

Derek has become a business culture specialist and has embraced the dynamic of growth as the backbone of his brand and his business. As a salon owner, Derek’s business has soared year after year creating profitability and providing the professional and personal freedom of his dreams. His delivery, passion, and ambition is what sets him apart as an excellent resource for those looking to take their businesses to the next level.

About Jill

Jill Ruone is a co-owner of Culture Curators. In addition, she is a Certified John Maxwell consultant and trainer. Jill is also a sought-after Certified trainer and consultant for DISC behavioral analysis. She is a published author and keynote speaker.

Jill is an expert in growing businesses by developing owners and teams. Through an individualized strategy, Jill collaborates with owners to identify operational areas to decrease expenditures while concurrently implementing systems to increase revenues. Jill’s expertise and knowledge gives her firsthand experience on what it takes to be successful from the inception of a business plan to annual strategic planning, as well as an exit strategy.

Jill serves business leaders who want to increase sales and reduce expenses for operational efficiency. Jill will help you create a dynamic team and culture through a systematic approach.

About Desirre

Desirre is a Top 200 Salon Owner who’s work as a colorist has graced the cover of Modern Salon. She is a Certified John Maxwell Coach as well as a Certified trainer for DISC behavioral analysis.

With over a decade in salon business, Desirre’s strength comes in teaching owners how to communicate effectively. In addition, Desirre enjoys helping owners & team members see opportunity in challenging situations growing each person into a positive, “I can do anything” mindset.

Desirre priotizes & values strong financial security. This comes with tracking teams numbers, analyzing profit & loss statements & building an emergency savings for your business. Getting your financials right will set you up for freedom, success & peace of mind.