Do you ever feel alone and isolated?
Are you struggling to find a better way?
Are you tired of trying to come up with initiatives on your own?
Are you searching for an exit strategy that will leave you with your retirement?
Are you frustrated with the lack of results you are getting from the endless hours you put into your business?
Are you ready to take your business to the next level?
If you are serious about creating, building, and profiting from your efforts as an entrepreneur look no further, we are the experts you need on your team! With a proven track record along with proven tools, systems, and programs — we guarantee growth and goal attainment. We focus on growth initiatives which are never-ending, no limits should ever be placed on growth.
We take you step by step through initiatives that will help you:
  • Grow your bottom line faster
  • Grow your top line faster
  • Give you more work / life balance
  • Build a stronger, long lasting all-star team
  • Improve and develop processes
  • Become an all-star leader
  • Improve communications
  • Improve team performance
  • Reduce expenditures
  • Improve client relations
  • Develop your personalized exit strategy
  • Manage your cash flow to yield the greatest return on your investment
  • Plus so much more, all customized and tailored to your business
Align yourself with experts in developing your dream, your culture, and your life, we are your experts!

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Our mission is to help business owners develop a winning, healthy, positive, and thriving culture which will provide financial success and personal freedom in their lives.

Here is what others think of us!


Keep GROWING your company with no limits!

We have done nothing but grow. Over the past 2 years our leadership skills have grown tremendously. They have shown us how to run and manage our salon with profit and professionalism and how to save thousands of dollars that now go to the bottom line. We feel so much more confident in our abilities.



Sales INCREASE that keeps going up!

The knowledge and expertise they provide has changed the direction of our business. We have enjoyed a 12% growth in sales and look forward to increasing all of our KPI’s.

Hair Dimension

Desirre Lee Escobedo

I found Culture Curators as the Pandemic began to unfold and my salon was shut down. From the very beginning I knew Jill & Derek were the real deal caring & supporting for salons around the world while experiencing their own challenges. They both taught me how to carry my team through the pandemic before we ever even explored my goals as a salon owner. This was priceless & complimentary during that time. From there I knew I wanted Culture Curators on my team. They listened to all of my needs and wants during our initial consultation, held me accountable & pushed me further than what I thought was possible. They spent valuable time with my team teaching us how to interact & work together better. I can read my numbers, understand how to make necessary budget changes & for once I can tell you if I am actually making a profit. The knowledge I have gained, the support I have been given & their happiness for my achievements is what keeps me a long-time client of theirs.

Desirre Lee Escobedo
Lavish Hair Lounge